How To Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser

When And How Do I Clean My Essential Oil Diffuser?

When it comes to the best ways to utilize the benefits of essential oils, we have to talk about an essential oil diffuser. This device is designed to let the aroma be dispersed throughout a room.

If you use it with high-quality essential oils, it can help to change the energy as well as the feel of your entire room. If you are using a diffuser regularly, you should keep it performing at its best.

The fact is that these devices can develop a buildup of residue. Therefore, the quality of experience may be affected. That’s why you need to give it a good cleaning.

Why You Should Clean Your Diffuser Regularly

Avoid build-up

You can see a residue of certain oils after you use it through a diffuser cycle. Oil can build up on the lid, the ultrasonic plate, and the misting eyelet over time. Therefore, the diffuser functionality may be affected. As a result, it will not emit the right stream into the air.

Prevent unpleasant scents

It is necessary to remove any excess oil left behind you find in the water reservoir. This can help you avoid being combining non-complementary scents.

Prolongs the life of your device

After each use, you need to wipe your diffuser out. You need to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the ultrasonic plate. It is essential to do a deep clean every 4 weeks if you need it.

When to Clean an Essential Oil Diffuser

It is best to clean your diffuser after each use. Keep it in mind if you plan to change scents of the oils. Next, you need to clean it at least monthly basing on how you will frequently use your diffuser.

This way can help to eliminate dust, as well as build-up affecting how well the device works. Each brand of the diffuser is different.

Therefore, you need to read the manual before cleaning it for the first time. If you lost it, you can also go online for instruction. Another way is to ask customer service.

Things You Need

Some tools are necessary for cleaning a diffuser, such as supplies, water, dishwashing detergent, and rubbing alcohol. Moreover, you also need some other tools, including cotton swab and soft cotton. You also can use a microfiber cloth for this.

How to Clean a Diffuser

Unplug the device

Before cleaning your oil diffuser, you need to unplug it. Just like any small appliance, you mustn’t clean it if the device is still turned on.

Empty the Reservoir and Clean it

You need to remove any oil and water remaining in the reservoir. Otherwise, it can develop mildew spores as well as mold. Take a wet cloth. Then, dot it with a small amount of all-natural dishwashing detergent.

Next, wipe out the water reservoir. After that, you need to use plain water to rinse out the reservoir. Last, dry it completely.

Clean the Chip or Ultrasonic Plate

If you want your diffuser to work well, you should clean the ultrasonic chip regularly. All you need to do is just to dip a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol. Then, remove excess oil build-up by rubbing it over the chip.

Reassemble the Diffuser

It’s ready to use your oil diffuser after you reassemble it.

Troubleshooting Diffuser Issues

If you notice your oil diffuser not working correctly, you can handle it with a simple cleaning. If this way still cannot help you to fix it, consult our tips below:

No Power Light

  • Check if you connect the power plug to the electrical outlet.
  • Check the power supply.
  • Check if you fill the device with water to the proper level.
  • Allow the device to dry out for at least one day. After that, refill and try it again

Low Diffusion

  • Check if the water levels are too low.
  • Clean dispersion outlet as well as the ultrasonic plate. At the same time, remove oil build-up.

Diffuser Feels Hot to the Touch

  • The water levels should not be too high.
  • Unplug the diffuser. Let it cool and refill properly.
  • Check if the fan is dirty or obstructed.


To get the most out of your essential oils, you need to clean your diffuser regularly. This way can help to extend the life of the device. Make sure your device is running properly. Otherwise, it can lead to odor, build-up, and malfunctions.

In this article, we have already discussed how to clean an oil diffuser. They are the necessary steps you should not skip.

How to choose the best Rotary Washing Line?

The rotary washing line makes your clothes dry faster. However, not many people pay attention to the measurements of your garden, the space is wide or narrow, thus leading to the wrong purchase. In this article, we will provide you with helpful tips on how to choose a Rotary Washing Line and suggest some types of Rotary Washing Line that you should buy.

Tips for choosing the best Rotary Washing Line

In the market, Rotary Washing Line is designed with many different shapes, sizes, and designs. Specifically, you can choose a 3 or 4-arm rotating washing line, or you can also consider a wall-mountable rotary airer.

In case your garden yard is too narrow for a rotating washing line, you can use a wall-mounted clothesline. Typically, a rotary washing line has a minimum rotation of 1.8 meters and a maximum of 30 meters.

With this wide width of rotating clothesline, you can choose the type that suits your family. If your family is large and your yard is large, consider using a wall-mountable rotary airer.

This device has a length of about 58-60 meters and a diameter of about 5 meters, so it will be very suitable for families that have about 3-6 people.

When choosing to buy a rotary washing line, you should choose the type made from good materials, making the washing line strong enough to withstand many types of weather and use for a long time.

The rotary lines are usually made of aluminum and plastic, the hoist pole is covered with aluminum and the clotheslines are covered with polyester plastic. For hoists, it is made from high tensile galvanized steel. Inside the hoists, 22 strands of polyester are woven together, then wrapped in UV-resistant plastic casing.

For rotary airers, it is made from aluminum or painted steel or powder-coated steel. This makes it resistant to different types of weather. You should close or cover the machine with nylon to prevent the rotary airer from getting wet or damaged in bad weather.

If you live in humid weather, you must use the rotary washing line, whose rotary lines are powder coated to keep them from corroding and rusting. In order to use these washing lines for a long time, you should take the time to consider their material carefully.

Another factor to consider when choosing rotary washing lines is its height. The rotary washing lines are adjusted to average height, so it is suitable for most users.

However, when you are too tall, using low rotary washing lines will be uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to consider its height before buying. You should also pay attention to adjusting the tension of washing lines.

Normally, you will not need to use separate adjustment tools because rotary washing lines have a tension adjustment button, so you can adjust the tension by tightening or loosening.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the joints and screws of rotary washing lines. The screws must be concealed and not in contact with the surface of washing lines because if these screws are exposed, it could be dangerous to the user.

Besides, you will open and close the rotary washing lines regularly at each use, so the fasteners must be smooth and easy. You will not want to use a rotary washing line that makes it difficult for you to open or close it every time.

Moreover, the rotary washing lines you buy must be neatly folded after each use, making it easy to store it in a protective case and save space. Choosing to buy rotary washing lines with a handle will make it easier to fold.

With limited garden space, a rotary airer is a viable option. It is also designed like a rotary line and also folds easily but is smaller in size. You need to place a ground socket to hold the rotary airer. You can also concrete this socket to help protect and keep the rotary airer.

When choosing to buy rotary washing lines or rotary airers, you should choose manufacturing companies that offer a product warranty period. When assessing the reliability of the company and the quality of the product, consider the warranty period. The warranty period of a rotary washing line or rotary airer is usually 5 years.

If the rotary washing line or rotary airer does not come with a protective housing, you should buy an additional protective cover to hold the wires or a rotary airer if you are not using it. These cases are not too expensive and very convenient, you should definitely buy one.

A rain cover is also an accessory that you should buy to cover rotary airer. This rain shield will help protect the rotary airer from rain and bird dropping. Even in light drizzle, you can put this rain cover on the rotary airer and dry your clothes inside.

With rotary washing lines, you probably have to consider that it will get tangled. Therefore, you need to buy rotary washing lines that have a velcro strip to keep the lines from tangling and always easy to fold.

If your garden is too small and using a rotary washing line and a rotary airer takes up too much space, then you should use a wall-mounted folding laundry airer.

This type of line is made from aluminum or steel and you only need to pull out when in use and push it back into the wall when not in use. A wall-mounted folding laundry airer is very space-saving and convenient.


In summary, before buying a rotary washing line, you need to consider the factors related to your home’s space and equipment, such as material, size, and design. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some helpful tips on buying a rotary washing line.


Rotary Washing Line Choose

Best Outdoor Gas Fireplaces Reviews in 2020

Many people use their outdoor space for a wide range of events for the summer and spring. However, all of them plan around their fall as well as their winter entertaining. You can quickly solve this by purchasing the best outdoor fireplaces. These products allow you to entertain guests for a long time.

Here is a list of the top five best outdoor gas fireplaces. They are a great addition to your outdoor space.

Top Five Best Outdoor Gas Fireplaces Reviews

Deckmate Corona Outdoor Chimenea Fireplace

If you are looking for a cheap outdoor fireplace instead of an expensive full-size model, you should consider this fireplace. This model has a weight of 35 pounds. Therefore, you can use it virtually wherever in your backyard.

You can also easily place it on a patio, deck, or wherever you want. Moreover, the fireplace comes with a bulb shape for easy viewing. It is built with heavy-duty cast iron. However, it seems to be hard to assemble. Besides, you may not be satisfied with its small size.

Bessermer 28-inch Patio Fireplace

Larger fireplaces may be perfect for those who own large decks or backyards. However, these models may be a real pain to set up if you have a smaller patio. The Bessermer Fireplace is a 28-inch diameter. It has a weight of 30 pounds.

Therefore, this model is just large enough to place it between two deck chairs. Although the fireplace has a small size, it promises to give you an excellent amount of heat. That’s why this unit has become an ideal option for winter gatherings.

Besides, it also comes with wheels. Therefore, you can get easy mobility. You can also clean up with ease. However, it may be hard to assemble.

Deckmate Sonora Outdoor Chimenea Fireplace

This model is able to burn woods or artificial fireplace logs. If you are looking for a versatile fireplace, you should not miss out on this model. Moreover, this one is also beautiful. It comes with an artisan rubbed bronze finish. It is capable of holding up greatly to the weather.

You can make adding fuel, as well as empty the ash catcher with ease. Plus, there is a sliding door that you can open or close with ease. It is made of embossed cast iron. Also, it comes with a fire tool.

Napoleon KEN-BZ Kensington Round Patio Fire Table

This product is the best friend of an entertainer. It is a lightweight model. Moreover, it is rust-resistant. Therefore, you can move it around the backyard with ease. The model also comes with the bronze finish as well as the woven pattern. These features offer a rustic feel.

Additionally, the model has an optional colored glass that allows you to customize to fit your special style perfectly. However, this one comes with a cover that cannot protect against rain.

Solo Stove Bonfire

The last product on our list today is the Solo Stove Bonfire. It is made for efficiency. You can get it at the cost of $300. It comes with bottom intake holes. These features let oxygen feed the flame base.

Moreover, the model is also portable and easy to use. You have not to worry about dealing with burnt logs. The manufacturer will give you a singular construction. Furthermore, there is also a heavy-duty carry case.


In conclusion, outdoor fireplaces offer you a cozy gathering place for you, your friends, and your family. Moreover, they can give you the convenience of gas. There is a lot of options available out there, so it is essential to take your time to choose the perfect one. All the models we list above are great choices for you. check out our reviews, and then make your suitable decision.

What is the best way to laminate floor cleaner?

Your house is fitted with shiny new wooden floors and you want to keep them clean for years. However, daily events such as a mud-covered dog run into the house and cause mud everywhere or you accidentally spill dirty water on the floor.

All of this will cause your floor to become dirty and difficult to clean. To clean the floor, you need to have the right method and maintain it over time.

In this article, we will suggest you useful tools and ways to safely clean wooden floors.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the end for the best way to laminate floor cleaner.

Specialized sanitary equipment for wooden floors

For hardwood floors or hard surfaces, vacuum cleaners and microfiber mops are highly suggested.

In case the wooden floor surface is scratched by the friction grit on the surface that loses the shine of the floor, using a vacuum cleaner instead of brooms will help you easily collect these grit.

Moreover, these vacuum cleaners will help clean up small dust that brooms cannot clean.

Besides, using a good microfiber mop will also help you clean the wooden floor in the most optimal way. The recommended brand is Swiffer.

Clean wooden floors with DIY solutions

The mixture of vinegar and water has always been known to be a highly effective detergent, even better than some bottled cleaning chemicals. You can make your own at home by mixing hot water and vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio.

After that, you spray this mixture on the surface and use a microfiber mop to wipe.

Typically, the use of a mixture of vinegar and water will make the wooden floor smell of vinegar. However, this smell will dissipate quickly.

In case you want to get rid of the smell of vinegar, add a few drops of lemon or eucalyptus oil to the mixture. Alternatively, you can also add a few drops of fragrant dishwashing detergent to your spray bottle mixture.

However, the addition of other substances to vinegar can reduce the effect of creating brightness for the floor. The advantage of this method is cheaper and more cost-effective than using brand-name cleaning products.

Moreover, the cleaning mixture of vinegar and water is also eco-friend and does not bring additional chemicals into your home. Therefore, it assists in avoiding toxic to humans and creating a healthy living space.

Clean wooden floors with the use of chemical cleaners

The advice from experts for cleaning wooden floors is to always use specialized cleaning chemicals for wood floors instead of using homemade mixes.

However, the use of brand-name cleaning products with wooden floors that you use is not necessary. Therefore, you can have more choices for wood floor cleaning products.

The advantage of using special cleaning chemicals for laminate floors is that they help you clean quickly and effectively, especially eliminating the problem of scents.

A famous brand in cleaning wooden floors is Black Diamond. This company has experience in manufacturing and supplying cleaning products since 1997 and is always highly recommended by buyers.

You can easily buy Black Diamond cleanser on Amazon.

To find the best cleaners for the wood floor you are using, you should try different types and evaluate the effectiveness of each different brand.

Clean dark stains on wooden floors

In the event that you spill your nail polish on the floor or the wood floor is covered with shoe polish, you should have appropriate treatment to avoid damaging the floor.

Do not use abrasive cleaners such as Comet or iron scourers as these may scratch your floor.

Here are some solutions if your floor is covered with nail polish or shoe polish: You can try WD-40, or apply a small amount of acetone-free nail polish remover on the cotton pad and wipe gently.

These cleaners will clean the floor gently and quickly.

In addition, if your floor is contaminated with chewing gum, we recommend wrapping a cube of ice in a thin cloth and rubbing it onto the gum stain. The gum will slowly harden and flake off without using a knife.


By using these above solutions, cleaning and protecting wooden floors will become greatly easy. The options for cleaning wooden floors are varied and reasonably priced.

Be aware that you should not soak the laminate with too much water because the wood layer can be peeled off if soaked in water.

Use a vacuum or microfiber mop with an appropriate cleaning mixture to keep your floor clean and shiny.