In the wake of their epic escape from a life of enslavement to the evil fat cat Father Christmas, the Rebel Elves ventured out into the unforgiving landscape of the frozen arctic.

They pilgrimaged across icy planes seeking guidance from the coolest cat in all the land: The Snowman. The Snowman, on travels of his own, met The Sugar Plum Fairy and her Candy Cane Girls and they became a debauched collective. The elves arrival was greatly celebrated with wild nights in the land of sweets; The Snowman coaxing the elves, The Sugar Plum Fairy and the Caners deeper still into the snow drifts…and so there they reside, leading a life of freedom and fun, at their South Pole Saloon.

Up to snow-good and doing as they please the members of the South Pole Saloon invite only the naughtiest guests to join them at Christmas. Be willingly beckoned into the warm shelter of the saloon and peek through the fir tree forest into an enchanted, decadent land. Stunning festive cocktails await you, steaming bowls of street foods, immersive and sensational entertainment alongside an impressive, festive DJ lineup.

This is where Christmas goes to get naughty, surrender to the season!